I don’t like node.js nor npm for this and many other reasons. It just breaks all the time for no reason.

So this time I typed grunt dist and I saw:

It didn’t take long to find a sauce_browsers.yml file on github somewhere, copy it into the grunt directory, and run grunt dist again.

Why wasn’t this dependency covered by npm install? Why wasn’t this error discussed anywhere, ever? Luckily it only took me 5 minutes to fix this. But I have had npm/grunt problems that have taken hours to fix.

By Serena

2 thoughts on “Error: Unable to read “grunt/sauce_browsers.yml” file (Error code: ENOENT).”
  1. मैने तो एनपीएम का प्रयोग ना करके सीधा ही बाॅवर का प्रयोग किया । वो बेहतर है इस मामले में ।

    Instead of using NPM I just used bower. Its better in this case.

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