One of the things that Anki seems to do well is handle collections of cards called “Decks”. Decks are an analogy for cards in a specific tag or category group.

One of the things Anki doesn’t do well is user profiles. If you want to keep all students in a classroom on the same deck for consistency, you have a problem. There is no synchronization.

If a teacher wants to add a card to the deck he is using to teach, it must be added by hand to each user’s deck. Alternately, export files can be created, but the issue becomes distribution of information. There is also the problem that teachers cannot check the student’s work from a central location.

This could all be solved with a simple lan/internet synchronization option in Anki which lets one Anki client connect directly to another for synchronization and observation purposes. But such a feature is unlikely to ever be added to Anki.

Of course, these problems cannot exist on a site like Kongzi Online. There are benefits and drawbacks to Kongzi Online however. It doesn’t have fancy charts, it’s algorithms are not very good, and it’s unfinished. However, when it is finished I am confident it will be more worthwhile to spend time on Kongzi than with Anki.

By Serena

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